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Low fat recipes for adult dogs

These recipes have been formulated to suit the needs of adult dogs who require a low-fat diet. Our low-fat and ultra low-fat recipes have a fat content that ranges from 13–20% on a caloric basis (please see below for a comparison table). This is similar to, or less than, commercial low fat diets like Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat, or Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat. All recipes have been formulated by our founders (who are Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists®) to meet the AAFCO requirements for adult dogs and can be prepared with raw or cooked proteins. To make them, you will need CompleteMe Hypoallergenic, which provides essential vitamins and minerals. It also contains beneficial ingredients for gastrointestinal and immune support, such as omega-3 fatty acids from marine algae, prebiotic fibre, and antioxidants from purple carrot.

Fat content of the recipes:

% Fat (as fed)
% Fat (dry matter basis)
% Fat (caloric basis)
CompleteMe low-fat recipes
1.5 - 2.3
6.5 - 8.9
13 - 20.9
Hill's i/d low fat canned
Purina EN low fat canned
Royal Canin GI low fat canned

Values are based on company product guides and may change. Please consult directly with the company for the latest information.   

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Lean beef meatballs with oats, carrots & celery served with white rice

Kangaroo and pumpkin with kale

Lean pork with sweet potato, zucchini & kale

Rabbit and barley with apple

Chicken breast and white rice with pumpkin and ginger

Cottage cheese and chickpeas with sweet potato and kale

Emu and sweet potato with green beans

Tuna and quinoa with red cabbage

Crocodile and tapioca with kale

Chicken thigh and brown rice with red capsicum and peas

Soy protein and shiitake mushrooms with carrots and bok choy

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