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Recipes for adult dogs with kidney disease

for use with CompleteMe Renal

These recipes have been formulated to suit the needs of adult dogs with kidney disease. They have been formulated by our founders (who are Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists(R)) to be appropriate for early renal disease (IRIS stage 1 – 2) or advanced renal disease (IRIS stage 2 – 4), and can be prepared with raw or cooked proteins. Please see below for a table with information on the phosphorus content of the recipes, and comparison to commercial renal diets for dogs. We recommend using the filters and check boxes to select recipes that are appropriate for your dog’s medical needs. Some recipes include novel or limited proteins only, and some are fat-restricted (17-20% fat on a caloric basis).
To make these diets, you will need CompleteMe Renal, which provides essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It also contains beneficial ingredients for kidney support, such as omega-3 fatty acids from marine algae, antioxidants from Australian berries, Astragalus extract which may help to reduce kidney fibrosis, and prebiotics to reduce uraemic toxin production.

Phosphorus content of the recipes:

% Phosphorus (as fed)
% Phosphorus (Dry Matter Basis)
Phosphorus per 1000 kcal ME (caloric basis)
CompleteMe early renal recipes
0.07 - 0.08%
0.31 - 0.35%
0.8 - 0.9 g
CompleteMe advanced renal recipes
0.06 - 0.08
0.22 - 0.29%
0.55 - 0.68 g
Hill's k/d + j/d chicken stew
0.72 g
Hill's k/d loaf with chicken
0. 55 g
Purina NF Kidney Function wet diet
0.8 g

Values are based on company product guides and may change. Please consult directly with the company for the latest information.   

Duck and barley with broccoli, pumpkin and strawberries

Chicken and rice with carrot, Asian greens and mushrooms

Pork and pasta with tomato, cheese, zucchini and parsley

Crocodile and sweet potato with kale and pear

Goat and pumpkin with oats, carrots, kale and zucchini

Venison and sweet potato with kale and apple

Turkey and rice with sweet potato, pear and kale

Chicken with sweet potato, kiwifruit and broccoli

Chicken and egg white with rice, butternut, apple and kale

Turkey and sweet potato with green-lipped mussel, spinach and pear

Beef and cheese with barley, carrot and broccoli

Chicken and egg with oats, pumpkin, chard and blueberries

Beef and egg with rice, carrot, green beans and spinach

Lamb mince with potato, pumpkin and green peas

Emu and sweet potato with zucchini and silverbeet

Wild boar and sweet potato with cauliflower and kale

Duck and salmon with rice, apple, green beans and carrot

Soy protein and rice with pumpkin, apple, broccoli and berries

Pork and pasta with tomato, capsicum, basil and zucchini

White fish and egg white with sweet potato, berries and spinach

Kangaroo and sweet potato with kale, walnuts and blackberries

White fish and rice with pumpkin, Asian greens and mushrooms

Chicken and sardines with sweet potato, cauliflower and zucchini

Chicken and sweet potato with apple, kale and broccoli

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