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Recipes for healthy adult dogs

for use with CompleteMe canine

Chicken, turkey and duck recipes

Chicken and turkey are affordable and easily accessible proteins for many pet parents in Australia. Turkey breast and chicken breast are extremely lean, so they are a rich source of essential amino acids and most B vitamins. The recipes below have been formulated by our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists® and they all meet the AAFCO minimum requirements for adult dogs. Furthermore, they are rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, prebiotic fibres and beneficial antioxidants.  

White fish, salmon, tuna and shellfish recipes

Fish and shellfish are extremely nutritious, being rich in omega-3 fatty acids and a good source of lean protein. We recommend more sustainable seafood options like Australian sardines, blue mussels, Australian salmon (Arripis trutta), Ora King salmon from New Zealand, sea mullet, and Goldband snapper. If your dog loves canned tuna occasionally, consider using 100% pole-and-line and FAD-free skipjack canned tuna. 

Beef, lamb and pork recipes

Beef, lamb and pork are very popular proteins - many dogs (and people!) love them. Given that cattle and sheep farming can have significant environmental impact, consider only using these recipes occasionally. Pastured pork can be a sustainable and ethical choice, plus it's also delicious. Including some beef and lamb offal in your dog's diet can be nutritious and help to reduce wastage of less desirable cuts. 

Kangaroo, venison and crocodile recipes

Kangaroo and venison can be useful proteins for dogs with a diagnosed food allergy. They are also nutritious and reasonably sustainable; Australian venison comes from wild deer, which is an invasive pest species that causes damage to the natural environment. Crocodile is a popular choice for elimination diets, however it is not ethically farmed and we recommend avoiding it unless it is the only option for your dog's diet.