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The traveling circus

Whirly the Siberian cat napping.

Siberian cat with tufty ears and a love of lying on his back.

Griffin is a silver tabby Maine Coon cat from Australia.

Will always be with us. Loved and missed every single day.

Banksy, the Bangal cat in the plants.


The greediest Bengal cat in the world.

Smitten is a female tortie cat rescued from a pound in Australia


Classic tortie terrorist with a taste for big orange butterflies. 

Willow is a purebred female yellow Labrador from Australia


Highly tolerant Labrador. Loves any food. And water. 

Zero was only in our lives for a short time, but we miss him terribly and he will always be a much-loved part of our family. He wandered out of the forest emaciated, FIV positive, and covered in ticks, and we got to enjoy three wonderful months with him before he left us. He loved to play in his tunnel, and run up and down the stairs growling and scaring the dog. He was a wildling and naughty forest sprite and we hope he is at peace now roaming through the oak trees and sleeping in the wildflowers. 

Zero, the best black cat in France!
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