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Standard therapeutic consult

What is a standard therapeutic consult?

A standard therapeutic consult includes two different recipes for a homemade therapeutic diet, and a detailed report for the referring veterinarian and the owner.
It is our most personalised service and is s
uitable for pets with complex medical needs. It includes:

  • Detailed referral report outlining the nutritional features and goals of the recipes

  • Two different, personalised recipes ideal for the patient's individual needs

  • Owner ingredient requests considered, as much as possible

  • Also includes preparation instructions, shopping list with links to required ingredients and supplements, and frequently asked questions on batch-preparing, problem-solving etc

  • No face-to-face or phone appointment occurs - all consultancy and recipe formulations are performed remotely (via email/online)

  • Three hours of follow-up email support is provided. Ongoing support is available at an additional cost

  • If the owner requires more than two personalised recipes, there is a charge of $150 AUD tax free per additional recipe

  • Urgent consultations (24-hour turnaround time) are possible (additional fee of $200 AUD tax free)

Cost: 380.00 AUD (GST and VAT exempt)

Turnaround time: 2 to 4 weeks

How does it work?

  1. All consultations for pets with medical needs require referral by the pet's regular veterinarian. If you own a pet that needs a home-prepared therapeutic diet, ask your vet to submit a referral (instructions below).

  2. Once we receive both required forms (see below), we will go ahead and formulate the recipes, and email the completed report and recipes back to the referring veterinarian and/or owner (as specified by the vet).

  3. Both the referring vet and the pet's owner are welcome to contact us by email with any questions or concerns. The consultation includes three hours of follow-up email support.

Please note that advice regarding nutritional management for specific diseases will not be provided directly to clients. Consults must be initiated by the referring veterinarian, who has the most current knowledge of the patient.
This is because we can't and shouldn't provide medical recommendations directly to an owner we have never met, for a patient we have never seen face-to-face.

Payment process


We have adjusted our payment options to make the referral process more convenient for some of our referring vets. There are now two options:

  1. We invoice the referring practice after the consult has been completed

  2. We invoice the owner prior to the consult being completed

If you would prefer the owner to be invoiced directly, we will need the owner's contact details (name, phone number, email, and postal address) for the tax invoice. These can be provided in the online referral form.

Payment in full must be received from the owner prior to us scheduling and completing the consult/recipes. Please note this may affect our ability to complete consults urgently, given some bank transfers may take 3-5 days to clear. We are unable to chase-up owners that elect not to pay their invoice; in this case the consult will not be completed.


For either option above, payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer.  

What service do I need?

therapeutic consult

Two therapeutic recipes included

Fully personalised

Comprehensive report, FAQ, shopping list and prep instructions  

Turnaround: 1-3 weeks

Cost: $380 AUD 

Novel protein

One novel protein recipe included

Fully personalised

Comprehensive report, FAQ, shopping list and prep instructions  

Turnaround: 1-3 weeks

Cost: $225 AUD 

Healthy adult
dog and cat recipes

Available at no cost, for use with our CompleteMe canine and feline meal completers

Limited protein recipes available for both dogs and cats

Vegan and vegetarian recipes available for dogs

How do I refer a patient for a consult?

Complete the vet request form here:


Ask the owner to complete the
diet history form here:

Once we receive both forms, we will go ahead and schedule the consult for completion. 

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