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"Meredith’s online nutrition consults have been an excellent expansion of our clinical service. Her reports are timely, tailor-made, comprehensive, and easy for clients to follow. Meredith goes out of her way to help, from formulating diets for patients with complex nutritional needs, assessing and balancing diets, answering follow up questions, to making tasty options for picky pets with dietary intolerances. I have used several other online nutrition services, but none of the others has been as helpful or had the local knowledge that Meredith provides."


Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine

UVET - The University of Melbourne

Dr Adrian Witham from the University of Melbourne
Buddy the dog on his favourite chair

“It is my hope that our much-loved Budbud will live a comfortable, happy life with his family and friends for years to come.  I truly believe this hope would not be possible without the care and dedication of Dr Meredith Wall.  Her carefully crafted recipes provide for all of Budbuds’ nutritional needs whilst accommodating his many medical conditions, which include pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, cushings disease, and liver and kidney deficiencies.  Whenever Budbuds’ medical conditions change or evolve, Meredith re-evaluates and changes his diet accordingly.  Budbuds’ health is complex and a healthy diet is crucial to his continual well-being.  Meredith is always there when I need help and advice.  Her care and concern for Budbud extends above and beyond anything I could have expected. I am so very grateful.  Thank you Meredith.” 


Kind regards,

Hana and Budbud

The team at The Skin Vet in Auckland, a specialist veterinary dermatology practice.

"I can wholeheartedly recommend the professional services of Meredith Wall – she has helped many of our patients with the formulation of age and breed appropriate diets to diagnose food allergies safely.  Her services are thorough and prompt and we very much value her excellent advice."

Dr Debbie Simpson BVSc FANZCVS (Veterinary Dermatology)

Registered Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

"Meredith provides an excellent and prompt service and is a pleasure to deal with. She goes out of her way to answer any questions that we or our clients may have and is efficient and reliable. I would highly recommend her."

Ellie Clark RVN  @ The Skin Vet

"We have been consulting with Dr Meredith Wall via the Massey University Nutrition consultation service for almost three years. She is very approachable, readily available for referrals, questions and concerns, and makes every effort to meet both our clients’ needs and our patients’ preferences. The nutrition information received is tailored to each individual, is detailed, thorough and considered. Dietary advice is of excellent quality and we often recommend her services."


Dr Sarah Pierard BVSc PgCertVS MVS 

Dr Linda Fleeman BVSc PhD MANZCVS

Animal Diabetes Australia

Dr Sarah Pierard and Dr Linda Fleeman from Animal Diabetes Australia
Mario the cat on a green chair.

"Meredith's guidance with Mario has been invaluable. She has been helping me with Mario's nutritional needs since early 2017, first giving advice on suitable foods when he was diagnosed with mild IBD and pancreatitis, and then when he was diagnosed with CKD. Meredith worked closely with me to identify and trial foods that Mario would eat happily that were suitable for his complex dietary needs prior to developing recipes for him, to ensure he was likely to find them palatable. She then revised one of his recipes to create a seafood chowder for him, which he absolutely loves. Meredith has always been happy to answer my ongoing questions, and to provide tips based on her own experience for encouraging him to eat, introducing his vitamin supplement, and what to feed if he's feeling unwell. Mario's primary care vet and I both consider Meredith to be an integral part of his health team and I would not hesitate to recommend her awesome services."

Mario and Yolanda Vogel

"Nutrition is an important component of case management and some of our medical cases require a diet formulated to support comorbidities that may have conflicting requirements. We are also increasingly presented with families who prefer not to use a commercial diet. It is a relief to be able to have a veterinary nutritionist formulate a diet specific for our medical cases as well as provide advice to balance home cooked diets to ensure the optimal health of our patients. Meredith Wall has provided nutritional advice for a number of my cases and has supported their families through implementation of the new dietary regimen. I enjoy the interaction with Meredith and have learned from the consultations thus far. I highly recommend her nutritional advice."


Dr Linda Abraham

BSc (Hons), BVetMed, PhD, MANZCVS (SA Medicine), FANZCVS (Canine Medicine)

Photo of Dr. Linda Abraham with sunglasses on and holding a coffee cup.
Big Chet the dog
Chet the dog sleeping on a bed with the covers over him.

"Chet's 'parents' abandoned him when he was just 2 years old.  A magnificent but troubled Rhodesian Ridgeback, he fitted right in with my other little adoptee Gypsy, a Staffy/border collie cross.  Both dogs were healthy and happy, spending their time guarding and swimming and helping with the chores.


Two years ago in November, I noticed Chet slowing down and looking unwell - it was quite sudden.  A trip to the vet resulted in the terrifying diagnosis of renal disease.  Chet was a very sick dog.  In fact, John, my dedicated  vet was surprised that he was functioning as well as he was given the advanced nature of his disease.  We developed a treatment plan in the hope that his remaining time would be more comfortable and prepared ourselves for a difficult few months.  He wasn't expected to live until Christmas.  


A vital part of the treatment plan was Chet's diet.  John contacted Meredith Wall from Massey University to help with developing a customised diet that would help slow the progress of the disease while still providing for the nutritional needs of an active 60kg dog, with complicating allergies!  Meredith worked collaboratively with John and myself to design, and redesign, a plan that Chet was happy to eat.  It was not an easy process but Meredith was generous in her advice and time and never gave up trying to meet Chet's changing needs and appetite.  Everything Meredith did for us had Chet's best interests at the centre - it was always about his quality of life and his psychological well being.  


Sadly, we lost Chet in November last year - 2 years after his original diagnosis.  He remained remarkably well and playful right up until the week before he passed - a truly amazing feat given the severity of the disease.  John  and I acknowledge that Chet would not have had these extra 2 quality years without Meredith's support and expertise.  Chet stayed happy while his health was failing and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Meredith." 


Thank you Meredith,

Carole ... and Chet's little sister Gypsy

"Meredith is amazing! My cat Elsa had been diagnosed with IBD and had lost about 20% of her body weight. Elsa was on steroids and on a special diet of a particular brand, but it wasn't working and Elsa kept losing weight. I was referred to Meredith and she created a recipe for me based on the meat available where I live and also Elsa's taste. After just 1-2 months Elsa was back to her normal weight and I could stop giving her steroids. This was over a year ago and now she is heavier than she has ever been. The diet and the recipe that Meredith created has worked so well. I am extremely grateful. Meredith is very knowledgeable and professional. She is also very approachable and will happily answer any questions, help you finding ingredients or tweak the recipe. Meredith is passionate about her job, and also a true animal lover who cares for the pets she is treating.  I would recommend Meredith's services to anyone who has a pet who needs a special diet or just want to feed their pet a balanced, nutritious diet."

Elsa and Cecilia

Elsa the cat sleeping.
Grace the dog looking up at you.
Grace the dog with a dog friend sitting on a park bench next to a lake.
Grace the dog with a dog friend sitting on a colourful carpet.

When Gracie was first diagnosed with cancer in April 2017, at only six years old, she was too young to die. I knew her best chance of surviving was for us to throw everything possible at this fight and for us to provide Gracie with what she needed to win this battle. 


A huge part of our plan was making sure Gracie’s body got the fuel it needed to function as well as possible to not only deal with the chemotherapy and defend itself but proactively fight the cancer. My vet referred to Meredith Wall and we haven’t looked back. Having the right diet, formulated by an expert, took all guess work out of the equation, I wasn’t questioning whether I had made the right choices for my girl. I could confidently feed her and know what was going in was helping. Meredith worked closely with us on a diet for Gracie while she was having chemo, tweaking as we went along and following on while Gracie had two awesome years in remission. Gracie recently came out of remission and developed not just more cancer tumours but other illnesses and Meredith has gone above and beyond to advise us on what is an appropriate diet for Gracie during this time. To us, Meredith is a core member of team Gracie and has always been available to answer my many questions. 


However, it wasn’t just Gracie we sought Meredith’s expertise on, my other dog Jet, had physical ailments of the ageing kind and Meredith’s expertise meant he had not just a complete diet, but also the appropriate supplements he needed to ease his aching joints.


As a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant and animal trainer, I am acutely aware of how important diet is, and it is something I always discuss with clients, fellow trainers, vets and vet nurses. In a world where there are so many “internet experts” it is hugely reassuring for me to be able to refer my family, friends, clients and colleagues to an actual expert in veterinary nutrition. I have done, and will continue to do, this on a number of occasions for a variety of things ranging from finicky eating, weight loss, analysis of current diet for current activity/lifestyle, skin issues, behaviour concerns, allergies etc. And for those with health related issues I have asked that clients and fellow trainers ask their vets for referral to Meredith’s services.


It’s not just that Meredith is an expert in her field or that she thorough in her work and remains current in her knowledge that makes her so successful, it’s that she is also great to deal with, very personable and obviously cares about the animals she works with. I’m so grateful to have her as an integral part of my personal and professional animal health team.


Maria Alomajan 

Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

International Association of

Animal Behaviour Consultants

IAABC certification
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