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Our values

Higher standards in the bowl and beyond

Our mission

To improve the health of pets and the planet


Our goals

1.    Strive to improve the health of dogs and cats

As specialists veterinarians, our focus is on canine and feline health and wellbeing. Many dogs and cats today have chronic medical conditions, like obesity, diabetes, and osteoarthritis. We believe that nutrition provides the foundations for good health, and can improve not only quality of life, but also lifespan.

2.    Create more sustainable pet products for the planet

Our planet is special, and every decision we make is mindful of the environmental crisis challenging our Earth. We will always aim to reduce our impact and embrace regenerative practices.

3.    Seek to improve the well-being of all animals

Our dogs and cats deserve the best care, but so do the production animals that go into their food, and the wildlife affected by farming ingredients for pet food. We are mindful of the impact our pets have on other creatures, and will seek to minimise this as much as possible.

4.    Contribute to science and propagate knowledge

We recognise the importance of our advanced training and never take this for granted, which is why we're determined to give back in every way possible - from educating clients to training colleagues and collaborating with innovative leaders - all to help drive the field of veterinary clinical nutrition forward. 

5.    Be innovative for the environment

Our success—and much of the fun—lies in developing new ways to do things.

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