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Bowls of freshly cooked healthy dog food

Our meal completer supplements and personalised nutrition consults will help you feed the best fresh-cooked or raw diet to your dog or cat.

We believe in fresh food

A range of CompleteMe meal comlpeter supplements for cats and dogs

Not just for healthy pets

Our new therapeutic range includes meal completers for dogs and cats with kidney disease, as well as hypoallergenic products for adult and growing cats and dogs.
Use them with raw or cooked diets - it's your choice.

There aren't many Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists®, so we are very lucky to have two - both full-time, and based in Sydney, Australia


Dr Becca Leung, BVSc PhD DACVIM (Nutrition) 

Dr Meredith Wall, BA BVSc (Hons I) DACVIM (Nutrition)


In-house &


Years of veterinary clinical nutrition speciality practice

Referring practices in over
48 countries



Yellow Lab Puppy in front of black backd

Veterinary Nutrition Group (VNG) is proud to be able to support Guide Dogs NSW/ACT in ensuring their trusted trainees have the best nutritional advice.

A ginger cat lying down

Personalised nutrition changes lives

We offer nutrition consults and personalised recipe formulation for pets with medical needs. 
Our clients include specialist veterinary centres, universities, charitable organisations, pet parents, and veterinary practices around the world.

Why do we love fresh food?

Rich in antioxidants from a rainbow of fruit and vegetables

High moisture content for urinary tract health

Assorted healthy ingredients
A healthy bowl of homemade dog food

Added omega-3 fatty acids for joint and skin health

Variable caloric content ideal for weight management

Ingredients can be completely personalised 

Added prebiotic fibre for gut health

Quick and easy to prepare

Delicious and appealing

Fresh Runner Beans

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Ragdoll Cat

"I would recommend VNG's services to anyone who has a pet who needs a special diet or just want to feed their pet a balanced, nutritious diet."

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