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CompleteMe Renal Feline

Meal completer supplement with a blend of superfoods and essential vitamins, amino acids and minerals to enrich and create therapeutic homemade diets for cats with kidney disease. Suitable for raw or cooked diets, depending on preference.
When used with recipes developed by VNG, CompleteMe Renal Feline will create a phosphorus-restricted diet with controlled calcium and sodium, suitable for cats with either early or advanced kidney disease. Both the product and recipes were developed by VNG's two Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists®, Dr Becca Leung and Dr Meredith Wall.

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CompleteMe Renal Feline





Resistant starch from green bananas

Fresh Kale

Australian kale and organic cat grass

Provides vitamin K1 and sulforaphane, which may have reno-protective effects.

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Here are five of our favourite recipes guaranteed to hit the spot! 

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