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These recipes have been formulated to suit the needs of senior dogs (7 to 10 years of age, depending on size). They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants (including vitamins E and C) for joint and cognitive support. Some recipes contain added medium-chain triglycerides, which may help to improve memory and learning. Finally, they are high in protein to help maintain
muscle mass, and some are low in fat, for sensitive dogs or dogs with a history of pancreatitis (check with your vet first). Excessive phosphorus, sodium and calcium have been avoided; however, if your dog has kidney disease, we recommend our renal recipes instead.

All recipes have been formulated by our founders (who are Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists®) to meet the AAFCO requirements for adult maintenance, and can be prepared with raw or cooked proteins. To make them, you will need CompleteMe canine, which provides essential vitamins and minerals, as well as beneficial ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids, prebiotic fibre, antioxidants, and live probiotics. 

Recipes for senior dogs

for use with CompleteMe canine

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Kangaroo and quinoa with broccoli, carrot and spinach

Lamb and lamb offal with green-lipped mussels, coconut and blueberries

White fish and quinoa with yoghurt, pumpkin and silverbeet

Kangaroo and goat offal with salmon, mixed berries and green-lipped mussel

Chicken thigh and sardines with quinoa, carrot, zucchini and blueberries

Turkey and egg with sweet potato, zucchini and apple

Duck and salmon with purple sweet potato, red cabbage and blackberries

Beef and sweet potato with cauliflower, spinach and strawberries

Kangaroo and mackerel with pumpkin, coconut, kale and blackberries

Chicken and chicken offal with sweet potato, broccoli, kale and kiwifruit

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